STAYCATION in Ladywell Convent

Ladywell front entranceAnnually, the Town Council in Godalming organises varied activities during the week of Staycation. On 8 August 2018, FMDM Sisters in Ladywell welcomed over 100 visitors, including the Mayor of Godalming Nick Williams and his wife Jeanne. Although the sky was grey with possibility of rain, we had a cool glorious sunny day, which made the afternoon truly enjoyable. The visitors were treated to a personalised guided tour, slideshow, scrumptious tea of scones with cream and strawberries. They loved to hear personal stories from the sisters and from their smiles and individual chats, we gathered that our visitors enjoyed the visit immensely. Some have been to the staycation every year because they enjoyed it each time!

  • FMDM sisters welcomed over 100 visitors for the STAYCATION in Ladywell