Franciscan Family

The Basilica in AssisiThe Basilica in Assisi

As FMDM we are part of the much bigger Franciscan Family. There are three main branches to the Franciscan Family:

  1. The First Order of Friars who are made up of three distinct groups (The members of the First Order are all brothers although many are called to the ministry of priesthood.)
  2. The Second Order or Poor Clares are contemplative women – about 10,000 worldwide who dedicate their lives to prayer and community.
  3. The Third Order has two distinct branches
    • The Third Order Regular of which FMDM are one of several hundred congregations who live their consecrated religious life in the Spirit of St Francis and
    • the Secular Franciscan Order are lay women and men who live their ordinary secular lives while making a commitment to living in the Spirit of St Francis.

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