Crib Building Service in Ladywell Chapel

Crib building Ladywell 2018 webOn 18 December 2018, children came with their parents and families for the ‘Crib Building Service’ held in Ladywell Chapel, led by Sr Jane Bertelsen. Each child was invited to pick a piece of paper which contains items for the crib building. The children (and their parents) look forward to this service each year. There was great excitement when the children were invited to bring the items to the empty crib and when it is completed, Sr Jane invited all the children to come to the sanctuary by the crib. And with angelic voices, the children sang “Away in the Manger”.  After which the parents and adults were invited to gather at the sanctuary and together they sang “Silent Night” at end of the service.

We extend our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all families, relatives staff and friends.