Oneng Mendoza

Oneng hails from The Philippines, she lives at Ladywell in Godalming and is Vocations Animator for the Region of England and Scotland

“I am the Good shepherd, I know my sheep and my own knows me…”

Oneng MendozaOneng MendozaI slowly allowed these words to lead me into prayer. And before I knew it, slowly, the faces of those people who were there to guide me along my journey came to mind. I had never dreamt of being a sister. My ambition was to work in the USA after finishing my nursing course. I went to Thailand to gain enough clinical experience so that I would be more ready to go to America. However, the Lord had other plans for me. It was while waiting for emergency calls in the operating theatre that I first experienced real silence. Trying to keep awake, I listened to tapes by Thomas Green entitled “Openness to God”. The basic instruction on how to quieten the mind and body – I followed for lack of anything else to do. For the first time in my life, prayer took the form of listening rather than talking. That was the beginning. Before I knew it, my longing led me to series of “search-in” sessions with the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood. The Franciscan Spirit of adventure and simplicity beckoned me to let go of my own dream so that God’s dream for me may be realised. My original ambition to go to America and earn dollars may not have come true, but my “Employer” with a capital E is giving me more than I can ever ask for. The benefit I am enjoying now is more than any National Pension Plan could ever provide. God continues to call me to work for him and work with his people in bringing the Good News to all peoples.

I am happy to be an FMDM.

I share with you my joy of being called to religious life and also to honour the vocation of my parents who, in their own commitment as married couple gave me the courage to respond to God’s invitation. I encourage everyone to create a hospitable environment where the Word of God may be nurtured and experienced in your homes, in the work place and wherever you may be. May the Lord give us Peace.