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Chapter Happenings No 12


On Sunday 19th May 2019, we are very pleased to announce  our new Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) serving from 2019—2025. Photos (from left to right): Sister Helena McEvilly (1st Councillor), Sister Jane Bertelsen (Congregational Leader), Sister Helen Doyle (2nd Councillor), Sister Monica Weedon (3rd Councillor). To read more click here Chapter Happenings No 12

Chapter Happenings No 11


On Thursday 16 May 2019, Chapter Members were invited to have a silent Contemplative Day and this concluded with the Mass of the HOLY SPIRIT at 5.15pm. The discernment process for electing new Congregational Leadership Team will commence on Friday 17 May 2019 which may continue for the next few days. To read more click [...]

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Chapter Happenings No 10


On Saturday 11 May 2019, Chapter Members had a ‘Day Off’ which was well needed after working intensely for 10 days. The Chapter Process resumed on Sunday 12 May 2019 at 2pm. We felt the absence of our lay partners and our chaplain Fr. Pat Murphy. We warmly welcomed our new Chaplain Fr Blaise Agwom [...]

Chapter Happenings No 9


On Friday 10 May 2019, Chapter Members from their country groups reflected on what practices (in their particular culture and context)  and what they can take on or ‘let go’ of in order to be open to their own Contemplative Space and to deepen their Contemplative Stance. To read more click here Chapter Happenings No 9 [...]

Chapter Happenings No 8


On 9 May 2019, the Morning Reflection: Jesus became obedient to death, death on a cross. The focus today was to continue the process of naming our personal and communal realities making space for the new to emerge. To read more click here Chapter Happenings No 8

Chapter Happenings No 7


On 8 My 2019, the focus of the work for the Chapter Members was to continue the journey of facing our present and future reality.  To help them on this path the facilitator invited them to  contemplate death and newness in nature. To read more click here  Chapter Happenings No 7

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Chapter Happenings No 6


On Tuesday 7 May 2019, the work of the day: Looking back…. Looking ahead…. Being in the present…. Contemplative Discernment led participants through expressing the feelings they all experienced following the country stories and the Finance Report. Our facilitator, Margaret invited members to create word maps to help us name the feelings.  To read more [...]

Chapter Happenings No 5


On 6 May 2019, Sr Helena McEvilly, our General Bursar, gave a preamble to the report of the stewardship of the Congregational Finances for  2013—2019. This was followed by a full day session on the overview of FMDM financial situation worldwide presented by Shaun Cooper, Head of Finance and Business Administration. To read more click [...]

Chapter Happenings No 4


On Sunday 4th May 2019 the following countries:  Rome, Southern Africa, Ireland, Australia were invited to tell their story.  Each group was joined by the link person from the CLT and lay partners. After we had heard from around the FMDM world we had an opportunity to have a conversation with the CLT about their [...]

Chapter Happenings No 3


On 4 May 2019 the following countries: Malaysia, Nigeria, England/Scotland and Singapore were invited to tell their story.  Each group was joined by the link person from the CLT and lay partners. To read more click here Chapter Happenings No 3