Celebrating Catholic Health Care Asia

The Unfolding Story of the FMDM Health Care Ministries towards Catholic Health Care Asia

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The hexagon represents the interconnectedness of our three Health Care Ministries using each of their corporate colours (Claret, Blue and Green).  The Tau Cross represents the Christian, Franciscan heritage of our ministries.   

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A very significant milestone

FMDM Singapore and FMDM Malaysia marked a very significant milestone on their journey towards finding a sustainable and more effective governance structure for their three Health Care Ministries in Singapore and Malaysia on Friday 18th January 2019. This milestone was celebrated during a prayerful liturgy held in the chapel at St Francis Convent with FMDM sisters, the PJP Implementation  Group, the newly appointed Canonical Stewards, Representatives from the Boards and Executive Teams of Assisi Hospice (AH), Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital (MMCH), Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH) and Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang Diocese.

The PJP Implementation group is made up of representatives of AH, MAH and MMCH, FMDM, Jack Moore and Mark Murphy from St John of God Health in Australia who have accompanied FMDMs on the journey for the last two years.

The liturgy told the story of the early sisters coming to Singapore through the growth of the hospitals and the work of these past two years. The new canonical stewards were each given a candle with the Catholic Health Care Asia logo on it and were missioned and blessed by Bishop Sebastian. Sr Helena thanked the PJP Implementation group members for their huge contributions and presented them with a Tau Cross from Assisi.  To view more photos, click here