Zimbabwe May 14

Emely visiting in Victoria FallsEmely visiting in Victoria Falls Teaching schoolSr Judith teaching The Convent Chapel at Victoria FallsThe Convent Chapel at Victoria Falls

FMDM sisters travelled to Bulawayo in 1952 at the invitation of the Bishop. They established Mater Dei hospital and branched out to Hwange colliery hospital and other mission fields.
Today there are 4 communities situated in the North West of Zimbabwe where the predominant language is Ndebele. This area, even in more normal circumstances than Zimbabwe is experiencing today, lacks resources due in part to the hot dry climate and poor soil. People have to work very hard to make a living from their land.
As Franciscans we feel that we are privileged to be in these places working with the local people, who show such resilience in very difficult circumstances.

Our communities are in:

  1. Hwange where the sisters minister to people in St Patrick’s mission hospital and in Hwange Colliery hospital as nurses, physiotherapist, accountant and behind the scenes in the pharmacy.
  2. Fatima Mission where our ministry involves teaching in the local government school, evangelisation and pastoral ministry.
  3. Bulawayo is where our Regional leader resides. The convent is very close to Mater Dei Hospital, the sisters continue to be supportive of the Hospital especially through membership on various boards. Some sisters are staff members at the Hospital. One of the sisters is Principal of Christ the King pre-school.
  4. Victoria Falls where we have our African novitiate for young women joining us from Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Once a week the novices lend a hand, caring for the people in the home for elderly destitute and also in the local government hospital. The sisters are involved in pastoral ministry in our local parish church. The main ministry in this community is formation; accompanying women who are interested in our way of life.

Contact Information for vocations:

Sister Fidelia Raphael Wugamso FMDM

Address: Fatima convent Box 45 MATABISA Mat. North Zimbabwe