Little Assisi, Lusaka ZAMBIALittle Assisi, Lusaka ZAMBIA "We Ring The Bell" - create awareness for children with disabilities to attend school“We Ring The Bell” – create awareness for children with disabilities to attend school "We Ring the Bell" Day“We Ring the Bell” Day "We Ring The Bell" in Lusaka for Little Assisi“We Ring The Bell” in Lusaka for Little Assisi

“We Ring The Bell” day for Little Assisi

On 22 March 2017 in Lusaka, Zambia, many gathered in the middle of the N’gombe market place near Little Assisi of Little Assisi (a school for children with disabilities) for the ‘We Ring The Bell’ day to create as much noise as possible for one minute! “We Ring The Bell” campaign is a fairly universal way of raising awareness for any cause.

Many used instruments of all kinds to create noise such as the bells, drums, anything really! The idea of making as much noise as possible is to create awareness to the public and to give voice to the many children with disabilities who are not able or allowed to go to school.  ‘We Ring The Bell’ is an initiative by the Dutch Liliane Fund choose to create awareness for Children with Disabilities to receive education and ‘Little Assisi’ is one of the many beneficiaries.

JUBILEE CELEBRATION of our Life and Mission in ZAMBIA for 70 years

Jubilee Celebration in ZAMBIAJubilee Celebration in ZAMBIA

LITTLE ASSISI, Lusaka received big donation in kind from ZAM (The Zambian Association of Manufacturers)

Mrs. Jean Kapata, President of ZAM presents donation to Sr. Kay O'Neil, administrator of Little AssisiMrs. Jean Kapata, President of ZAM presents donation to Sr. Kay O’Neil, administrator of Little Assisi

On 1st November 2016, Little Assisi in Lusaka, ZAMBIA was delighted to welcome The Zambian Association of Manufacturers known as ZAM into their Little School for children with special needs.

The children at Little Assisi were overwhelmed with the amount of goods given, which were mainly food products but numerous pairs of shoes from ZAM Leather Ltd.  To read about the visit, click here.

Sister Monica Orange FMDM (24 July - 4 November 2016)Sister Monica Orange FMDM (24 July – 4 November 2016)

On 4th November, FMDM Sisters in Zambian Region were saddened when Sr. Monica Orange, FMDM who had served in Zambia for over 46 years passed away peacefully in our Motherhouse in La Verna, Ladywell Convent. We thank God for the gift of Monica to our Region in Zambia. She is sadly missed by the many people who have known and loved her during her time in Zambia. May she now rest in peace.

LITTLE ASSISI celebrates World Disability Day

On 10 March 2016, Little Assisi (a school for children with disability) celebrated World Disability Day by ‘ringing a bell’. This idea of ‘making a noise’ with any item or instruments is to seek awareness for people with disability. World Disability Day was promoted by United Nations since 1992. The observance of the day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integrations of persons with disabilities in every aspect of life. We share with you this video clip at Little Assisi.

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Living the Joy of the GospelLiving the Joy of the Gospel

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Our early beginning

In 1946 four sisters traveled to Northern Rhodesia (present day Zambia) and set up a hospital in Kasaba, Luapula Province to look after people suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy). From this very Franciscan ministry we have branched out into many forms of service.

Today our sisters, in Lusaka and Kasanka, see the circumstances of women, of young people and the whole impact of HIV/Aids as the most urgent needs in Zambian society. We have adapted to respond to these needs through education, care of orphaned children, home-based care of those living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

As in all our regions throughout the world our communities in Zambia are very international and multicultural giving a richness to our primary call of witnessing to living together in simplicity and peace.

Faith KandabaFAITH KANDABA – FMDM Associate

On 23 February 2016, Faith Kandaba passed away peacefully. FMDM sisters in the Region of Zambia extend their sincere condolences to her family and friends. We pray for Faith that she may now rest in peace.

Sister Agness ChisengaSister Agness Chisenga

“Come and sing, dance for joy…” Psalm 149:3

FMDM Sisters dancing and singing on this joyful occasion in MpikaFMDM Sisters dancing and singing on this joyful occasion in Mpika
Sisters Gracious and AgnessSisters Gracious and Agness


On 28 November 2015, there was great rejoicing in the Zambian Region when Agness Chisenga made her Final Profession as an FMDM Sister in her own home town in Mpika, Zambia (Northern Province of Muchinga). FMDM Sisters from Zambia and Zimbabwe made the long journey to rejoice with Agness, her family and parishioners of St. Andrew’s Church, Mpika on this special day. Congratulations Agness! Sr. Agness Chisenga on her Final Profession ceremony. Click here to read.


On 6 December 2014, FMDM Sisters gathered in Kitwe to witness the ceremony of Sr. Gracious’ Final Profession. There was great rejoicing and celebration in Kitwe for FMDM Sisters and Gracious’ family and friends. Sister Gracious makes her Final Profession. Click here to read.

Final Profession of Religious Vows as FMDM Sister

Sr. Gracious Champo with family, Bishop, priestsSr. Gracious Champo with family, Bishop, priests

Chapter of Mats in Zambia

CHAPTER OF MATS in Regional House, Lusaka

There was great rejoicing when Sisters from the far flung missions (some travelled for 5 – 10 hours by road) gathered in the Regional House in Reiti, Lusaka for the Chapter of Mats on 13-14 March 2015. Chapter of Mats in Zambia. To read more, click here

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Severino Tumbe Chisanga, the only male FMDM Associate. To read this, click here

Gathering of FMDM Associates in ZambiaMargaret & Felicitas making their First Commitment

LITTLE ASSISI OUTREACH: Sister Mambwe, Physiotherapist in Little Assisi which is a school for children who are physically and mentally challenged.

Sister Mambwe (Physiotherapist) attending to a child in Little AssisiSister Mambwe (Physiotherapist) attending to a child in Little Assisi Children (with their mothers) waiting for their turns to be attended to by Sr. Mambwe (Physiotherapist) Children (with their mothers) waiting for their turns to be attended to by Sr. Mambwe (Physiotherapist)

Contact Information for vocations:

Sister Gracious Champo FMDM

Sr. Biatar Ndlovu FMDM