FMDM Ireland New Leadership Team

((left to right) Mr. Sean O'Healy, Sr. Kathleen Murphy, Ms Jeannie Buckland, Sr. Theresa O'Sullivan, Mr. Eamonn Feely((left to right) Mr. Sean O’Healy, Sr. Kathleen Murphy, Ms Jeannie Buckland, Sr. Theresa O’Sullivan, Mr. Eamonn Feely

On 17 July 2017 another milestone on our journey in Ireland has been reached as we warmly welcome Sr. Kathleen Murphy FMDM, Sr. Theresa O’Sullivan FMDM, Mr. Sean O’Healy, Mr. Eamonn Feely and Ms Jeannie Buckland.

This is a joyous occasion filled with much hope, in the knowledge that God will continue to be with us all, guiding us every step of the way. We give thanks for what has been and what will be in the future.

A simple Missioning Service was held in the Franciscan Convent to welcome the New Team. To read more, click here New Leadership Team Missioning Service

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