FMDM Charism Retreat in Ladywell and Zambia

FMDM Charism Retreat 2017 web

From 17-24 August 2017, sisters from England, Ireland, Rome, Nigeria and Zambia gathered in Ladywell Convent for the Charism Retreat which was led by Sisters Monica Weedon and Jane Bertelsen. At the same time in AFRICA, our young sisters were gathered in ZAMBIA who were sharing the same retreat led by Sisters Helen Doyle and Helena McEvilly.

33 sisters attended the retreat in Ladywell and all found it a wonderful renewal and a life-giving experience. As Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) we feel truly blessed to have a rich heritage and the retreat helped the participants to appreciate this even more. During the days of the retreat the sisters looked in a reflective way at how our FMDM Charism (of birthing and nurturing the life of Christ in one another and those we serve) has been a gift to us individually and to our world.  As Carol Zinn reminded us: ‘Religious Life is a radical response to the Gospel in a particular historical time and cultural context for the life of the world’. Charism is for the world and we might say “the charism has us” We do not have the charism – it is a work of the Spirit.

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