Chapter of Mats Assisi On 25 January to 8 February 2017, twenty-five FMDM Sisters from around the world will be gathering in Assisi for an Extra-ordinary CHAPTER OF MATS.  A Chapter of Mats is a term used in our Franciscan tradition for a gathering of the community to discern the way forward. This is the first time in the history of our Congregation that such a gathering has taken place in Assisi  – the home of our Franciscan spirit and charism and where we can draw wisdom for our discernment and decisions which we need to make.

The purpose of this Extra-ordinary Chapter of Mats will be: To continue the process of discernment around new models of leadership and explore their implications for the Congregation.

The group will have three days of prayer and pilgrimage in and around ASSISI before they begin 10 days of actual meeting.

Please join us in prayer asking the guidance of the Holy Spirit at this important time of our Congregation’s story.